Today (or yesterday, rather), I understand…

what the fourth prince meant in BBJX when he had given the following advice to Ruoxi: “既来之 则安之” (ji lai zhi ze an zhi)… Ruoxi had made an analogy of the following sorts: i feel like i’m in a dream world and i want to go back but i can’t seem to wake up. I just love the part when fourth prince looks back at her and calmly states this sentence. Its so hard for translations… but his response means “since you have come here [as unpleasant as things may seem] you might as well stay and make the best of things.” Take things calmly. I’ve gotten into a delicate situation and I put myself here, so I might as well stay here and try to take things calmly and no matter what happens, I will make the best of it. The world hasn’t ended. I haven’t gotten some chronic illness (even if I do think I have a stroke every day)… and to brighten my day up — the world has presented some interesting things…

* Another friend is in the same city as I am. 🙂
* The wind was so strong I say restaurant umbrellas flying across!

* And I’m loving to cook! Two exciting dishes (now remember, I’m cooking on one of those portable, single stove-tops.) I should create a cook book just for people like us who spend twice as long boiling water on these things…

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