Today, I’m savoring freedom!

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Well, it’s the last weekend before I jump into the fray of med school on Monday!

On Friday, the International Student Association hosted its Freshmen Day, where the highlight was the opportunity to buy textbooks secondhand from other students.  I got a great haul (thanks to Tonjia “watch out” Cheek for carrying them), though it’s still not all the books I’ll need this year!

There were also lots of freebies, and I now have a poster of a skull hanging as art/inspiration in the living room.


2 thoughts on “Today, I’m savoring freedom!

  1. that poster has got to be the most awesome/nerdy thing to have as art on your wall. ❤ you char!
    Live up this last weekend! Visit all the clubs/bars/pubs/seedy hangouts in Budapest and get allllllll your partying out. You know it's been pent up.

    Greetings to Tonjia 😀

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