Today, I ran in the rain…

And not in the poetic way either. All through church, I could hear the rumble and grumble of thunder and rain outside. Unfortunately, the torrrrrential storm didn’t subside by the end of the service so I ran to the car to pick up my rents from the front. 

I’ve never been outside in such a massive storm before. It was kinda fun just running through, barefoot, jeans rolled up. I think I’m going to miss the southern storms come autumn. But I’ll gladly see the humidity go.

Yesterday, I went to Durham and had a picnic with stuff from a fave bakery of mine (the bakery is in Cary though…) and went to see Brendan James with some friends at the Casbah. He was GREAT! And the venue is really cute. Since graduation, I’ve explored parts of the ‘ham that I’ve never seen before and I’m wishing I could have lived it up while there…but who had the time??


P.S. the au bon pain at Duke is legit. I was dumbfounded when I saw it. 


3 thoughts on “Today, I ran in the rain…

  1. THE STORM WAS CRAZY!!!! I actually thought a tornado was going to whip me and my car away and maybe a wizard of oz situation would happen! P.S. I’m secretly (not-so-secretly) excited about going to the au bon pain during homecoming!

  2. I’m glad you weren’t swept away Janet!

    SPEAKING of wizard of oz, I just watched the Wizard of Oz episode of Modern Family and I’m currently listening to Wicked.

    3 WOZ references in one week….strange.

    Brendan James, yes, I saw him and I thought of you and it was lovely. Though….this is not necessarily a bad thing…but when he’s talking and playing piano at the same time, he gets this soft whisper thing going on and it makes me just want to fall asleep to his voice. But not as bad as Alexi Murdoch, fo sho. Ah, anyway, yes he’s GREAT!

    Also, Gabby saw Head and the Heart at a music festival and said they were mindblowingly amazing. I was jelly.

    Jannie and I will take a pic of the ABP for you next time ❤

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