Today, I remembered “The Philosopher Kings.”

Four years ago, I went to a premiere at the Bryan University Center of Duke University. The film was called “The Philosopher Kings.” The film follows three janitors at three universities and chronicles their musings about life and daily existence. It was deeply moving.

Of special importance to me at the time, was the establishing shot of Duke University. The scene started in the middle of the night in Durham, North Carolina in front of the Chapel Circle. The lights of Few, the Allen building, the West Student Union, and Perkins Library are twinkling. A C-1 is blocking the Chapel. After this shot lasts a few seconds, the bus pulls away. I can see the bus driver releasing the brake. I can smell the exhaust. I can hear the gentle rumble as the C-1 turns around the corner. As the C-1 turns the corner and heads down Chapel Dr, I see the towering Chapel slowly unveiled behind it.

It still astounds me that I was a part of that, and this small clip happened in my real life hundreds of times for four years while I went through some of the most transformative and lucky experiences of my life. The rumble of the C-1 turning around the Chapel Circle was the rumble of the bus taking me to class to meet the professors that degreed me. It was the rumble of the C-1 taking me to see my friends, many of whom loved me, during difficult moments of my life. It was the rumble that accompanied me while I transformed from the girl who knew nothing about the world to the traveled, well-spoken, self-assured young woman I have become.

Every time I see it in my mind’s eye, I just think, “Pinch me.” Today, I remembered “The Philosopher Kings,” and today, I was blown away yet again.


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