Today, I’m missing a bunch of places…

beijing (oh little egg and crispy thing and sometimes a chicken with lettuce), yunnan (spicy spicy noodles and beautiful clouds, what more could i have?), udaipur (fateh sagar with my momos and sukhadia circle), shanghai, nanjing, tianchang (little wontons! how i dream of you every night!), louisville (me misses), durham (can you believe it???), duke, stockholm (sledding and grandpa’s freshly caught fish!), finland (yes, i got stuck on that boat bathroom, i was young, alright? i still miss it), austin (i don’t remember anything, but i can still miss it, alright?!!!??), xi’an (and all the fights i got into), chengdu (i want to hold a panda again… i know i’m just being greedy now)…… 

And all these other places i want to visit: I’m not even going to list all because i never could finish – dharamsala, nepal, thailand, indonesia, turkey, DID I MENTION BUDAPEST?!?!?!, greece, italy, too many countries in central/south america…….. alright I’m done. There really was no point to this. 


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