Today, I…

Today, nothing that mattered really happened.

Right now, I will try to come up with something positive every time I think of something negative. 

I found my video camera and will start making movies again. I’m calling this miniseries “micro-processes.” 
I also found my metronome and will start playing the violin again. Lord, help us. 
I found many other things, like CDs, and old cameras, and iPod cords that made me happy. 
I didn’t get a job. I haven’t gotten any jobs. But this is not a negative thought because I know something great will come my way. 
Finally, almost everyone I have loved is breathing today so…that matters.




2 thoughts on “Today, I…

  1. and I ❤ you. Glad to hear that you too are following the same spirit. Don't let those things bring us down! Btw, keep those old cameras, they'll be gone sooooonnn and we can keep them as good ole time things……

    Or sell them and make $$$$$$$$$$$$$ @_@ Bling Bling!

  2. metronomes! haven’t thought about those in ages – what nifty things/torture devices.

    That last point especially is a great reminder!

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