Today’s random tidbits

* There’s a wifi network in my building with the name “FBI Surveillance Van #17”.  I’ll reserve comment in case this is being monitored.

*I met a 4th year med student  yesterday in the basic science building when were standing in line at the secretariat. I must’ve looked uncertain/lost because she asked me if I needed help with anything. She was French, spoke perfect English, worked as an Anatomy TA, and gave me lots of tips.  When I asked her how much Hungarian she had learned, she replied, “Mainly medical Hungarian. I can ask people the color of their feces last week very well.” 😛

* On a related note, why is it that I look like a 1st year, even though I don’t feel particularly lost?

* My mom and I went to the central market in Budapest today, which is a large, two-story  hall where many food (fruit, vegetable, meat,  pastries) and local vendors sell their wares.  I wonder how they stay in business, given that there were at least 20 stands all selling overlapping items.

* My parents have been peppering our discussions with tips about how to study and what books are best, as well as how they learned medicine back in the day.  I like hearing about that part of their lives, and it makes me feel like part of a bigger family tradition.


3 thoughts on “Today’s random tidbits

  1. i love this post! especially (…strangely) the color of feces part! Maybe you two can speak to each other in french! You are so international!

    And the FBI? Let’s hope they’re not filming the next Bourne movie in your apartment complex.

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