Today, iBlame technology… and make wontons!

I think I spend too much time at working typing and hovering the mouse in a not-so-good-for-health form. The side of my hand started out with a burning sensation and has turned into a soreness/pain, all too reminiscent of what I feel in my left achilles tendon. Is this carpal tunnel? Ahhh, add this onto my ever-growing list of problems. As I’ve told my friends before, I like to think that my life is similar to Benjamin Button’s and that I am going to grow younger and all these problems that plague me will be gone soon! Soon far far away!

And to follow Christina Aguilera’s train of thought (ya know, I am beautiful, No matter what they say words can’t bring me down), I am not going to care, no matter all such frustrating conditions, they can’t bring me down… and so in celebration of my birthday month! I fixed up my room (part I, bedding – ordered online, you’ve gotta look for those deals on sites such as and!) and made some wontons to freeze for use later!

P.S. Watch out for fixing my room, part II (hopefully this will be soon, meaning I will not procrastinate. Repeat 3 times!)
P.P.S. Don’t think I’ve forgotten! WATCH BBJX!

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8 thoughts on “Today, iBlame technology… and make wontons!

  1. Aww Janatee! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Tendonitis can be an unfortunate side effect of computer work and because you’re using your hands, it’s hard to give them a break! But try your best to leave them dormant whenever you can! I’ve had tendonitis in both of my wrists for most of the summer but they’re getting better now so don’t stress the hands too much!

    Also, big LOL at “iBlame”. Nice one 🙂

    Ditto for the Happy Birthday Month!

    • Thanks! And the iBlame came about due to a typo from me only typing with my L hand since my R hand couldn’t move at all yesterday! Good to know that you’ve been through this and you’re much better now! Do you have any suggestions ? Cold packs? Wrist braces?

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