Today, I have returned!


I am back from what turned out to be a 6 day road trip. Luckily, I brought enough clothes to last but…it was a close call. We drove up from NC to Connecticut, then CT to Boston, then Boston to NY, NY to MD, MD to NC. Phew, I’m breathless from just typing! Anyway, after spending nearly $100 on TOLLS (omg, never again), and over $1200 total (we calculated just for funsies), here are some highlights from each aspect of this adventure:

Boston (Friday-Sunday): Got to see my sis! Yay 🙂 Moving was rough and she was pretty stressed out but underneath it all, the family reunion was nice. And Boston weather was FANTASTIC. It made the I’ve-never-seen-anything-like-it traffic bearable. There are like literally over 100 colleges in Boston. WHY WOULD MOVE IN BE THE SAME DAY FOR ALL OF THEM?????

NY (Sunday): I got to meet up with Liana for a few hours. I went to a Presbyterian church in Chinatown and then we got these egg pastry things from a street vendor, soup dumplings (yum!), ginger milk tea, and lychee/taro ice cream. Whoo, I was full. In the meantime, my parents went to Brooklyn to hit up their favorite spot for haitian bread and paté so we ate some of that too. I was full for the rest of the day. Thankfully, they gave us 30 minutes to explore the MET before we had to leave for maryland. The museum was AMAZING and paintings/works I’d only seen in books were staring right at me and I was overwhelmed with amazement and joy. 

I love art and I love NY. 

Drive through New Jersey (Sunday): We met up briefly with a childhood friend of my mom’s who moved here from France in ’08. The way she seamlessly yet accidentally mixed French and Creole was amazing. I was like in awe. It sounded so beautiful. She hates America but her husband hates France so…voila, she’s livin’ here.

Drive to Maryland (Sunday): Delaware has always been a source of intrigue to me. It’s a little disappointing because the state takes like 20 minutes to drive through but I was so excited to stop at this rest stop that was pretty cool…like an airport. And expensive like an airport too. Now I can say I’ve been to Delaware. Woot.

Maryland (Monday): Janetee, I’m so sad I wasn’t able to meet up with you. Next time I’m up there, I will definitely let you know. Main highlight here–my aunt told me to get married before she dies. She calculated everything from meeting the dude to the wedding day and said it should happen when I’m 27, maximum. My aunt is like 50 but she thinks she’s a hundred. But, I will be married by 27 and she will be able to see it, ojalá. 

Road home (Tuesday): We were supposed to drive last night but we decided to wake up and leave at 6am today. I slept most of the way. I’m still tired. I have a headache. My whole schedule is off cuz it feels like Sunday. But I’m home and get to sleep in my bed tonight which I will welcome with proverbial open arms…or open face-to-pillow…



2 thoughts on “Today, I have returned!

  1. Tis okay! Me understandies. 🙂 Remember this? Anyways, I’m coming down in 3 wks so I hope to see you in NC then!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 and your entire trip seems lovely! 🙂 I bet crowded boston was a change from NC. Also, I’m so jealous of your NYC chinatown adventures. I’m making jorge take me on those next time I’m there! Glad to see you back, dahling 🙂

  2. this lovely long post makes up for your absence! we missed you, but it sounds like you had a lovely road trip! so many interesting things you did …all your foooooood sounds so delicious.

    i’ve never heard of Delaware cited as a source of intrigue … though i guess it is pretty awesome that they dont have a sales tax!

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