Today, I’m thinking of the weekend –

I moved up in life (literally) – moving from a basement room to a second floor room. Oh I welcome those two LARGE windows and that SPACIOUS closet with open arms – see the photo below. I met up with some college friends, including a significant other, and had a fun time exploring Bethesda (by that, I mean eating falafels and froyo). A road trip to Baltimore, if you can even call it that, with the same friends to have some burgers and watch London 2012 highlights. I never knew racewalking was a sport! What has often been hailed as a middle-class mom sport (at least in some shows and such) is actually an Olympic athletic event! Please take a look!

How I welcome my new room.

One thought on “Today, I’m thinking of the weekend –

  1. Between reading this and your e-mail, I’ve literally nearly spit out my morning coffee laughing twice. You are funny, HEHEHE 🙂

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