Today is the day!

We’re leaving soon, EWR–>MUN–>BUD.

“How do you feel about Europe?” this song asks. I’m trying to figure out the answer.

In other momentous news, Facebook switched me to timeline. This is an awful lot of change.


3 thoughts on “Today is the day!

  1. Best of luck my darling! I’m trying to type this comment but the balloons are in my way. GAHHHH! But yes, your adventures begin soooooo soon! 😀 :D:D 😀 😀 Let me know when you figure out the answer to that question the song asks.

  2. lol @ Arkie. OMG! Yesterday I was at Duke and I kept thinking about you and I knew your departure date was near but I didn’t remember exactly when but I wondered why you popped into my mind several times throughout the day! I even called you last night! It must be because I subconsciously knew you were on your way to Europe!

    I also had a dream about someone two nights ago and then I thought about them again in the afternoon and 5 minutes later, I saw her! We haven’t spoken in months and, VOILA!

    All that to say I’m psychic.


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