Today, I got scared (part II)…

I had to stay late today to do an enrollment over at the Hospital. By the time I made it back to Building D, it was already dark, past 8:15 PM (it’s starting to get dark early! wahhh). It was the first time I had been in the office suite at such a late hour and I wasn’t use to being all alone, there was no one else in there! And it doesn’t help that our office has so many nooks and crannies. I kept imagining someone pop out of every corner there was. Goosebumps were forming all over me and there being no cell service there made my heart race even more (yes my heart rate is always at9032809832 bpm, of course). I called my dad so that I could be a little less scared, with the assumption that if something happened to me. he could immediately call 911 and let them know the date/time/location last seen of Ms. Jarkie (:D) . But nothing of that sort happened though I did hear footsteps at one point, a turn of the door knob, a pause… At this point, all the murder stories that I knew of, both nonfiction and fiction, floated across my eyes, tonight was the night I’d be added to that list. But whew, luckily it was just a security officer. A nice one. And my father probably thinks I’m weird. But that’s alright. Safe and sound. And an enrollment! No point to this story either… 🙂

P.S. Watch BBJX! –
P.P.S. Secretly excited that Rainie Yang’s new album came out not to long ago –


One thought on “Today, I got scared (part II)…

  1. That does sound scary!! But kind of cool, too, since you were safe, because you were the sole proprietor of gtown building D for that period!

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