Today, I need a ride!

One of the biggest hassles of traveling with a wheelchair is that it requires a lot of extra planning. It really saps the fun out of a getaway or adds to the stress of an already frantic time when you have to worry about accessibility; the alternative is being left stranded somewhere, though, so that’s not an option, either.

The travel issue of the moment is this: how am I getting from the airport at the outskirts of the city to my apartment downtown?!  Last time we were in Budapest, we used a van transport service, but we found out last night that they are no longer in operation! The office provided us with another number to use … so far our e-mail and phone calls to them have gone unanswered. There are plenty of means of transportation in general (taxi, bus, subway, or shuttle), but none that will easily accommodate my 300+ pound wheelchair.  I’m sure it’ll work out somehow, but this is one of those unpleasant parts of travel logistics.


One thought on “Today, I need a ride!

  1. I’ll drive you! Oh, pick me! Pick me! No but seriously, I often privately admire you for handling the inconvenience so well.

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