Today, I got scared…

I still get scared of needles. I still get scared of holes ( As I tied the tourniquet on today’s control, I feel my heart rate rise up to 20083748329 bpm (a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps?)… eeeep! I could feel my hands shaking and sweat beads formed underneath the gloves, making it even harder for me to catch that vein. I’ve never been much of a fan of hide-and-go-seek (well, I was a fan of hiding more than the seeking). I struggled to hold down that vein but I must of lost it somewhere along the way, that little thing ran away from me such that when I pushed the tube to the hub, I got nothing… nothing… WAHHHHH. I guess at some point I just need more confidence. I’m always relying on my back-up plans, going to people who I know can help me. I guess it’s something I need to work on more. There really was no point to this story. But to you all, if you find yourself in this situation, I find this helps: I’m just sticking a toothpick into a chicken  (if you don’t eat chicken, think of a peeled hard-boiled egg or a ripe mango). Remember to repeat to yourself and not aloud! 

P.S. Learning to tag like Charkie… but probably failing…
P.P.S. I’m finally not late today and I updated the time stamp. Wooohoo for finally understanding technology!
P.P.P.S. Watch BBJX! (I’m serious!)


One thought on “Today, I got scared…

  1. i admire you for your phlebotomy skills; they will only improve with time!!

    whatever you do, do not look up ads for hershey kisses air delights. i saw one on TV and cringed even though i’m not trypophobic!

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