Today, I like the future.

T-96 hours until I leave for Budapest! I’m not a person of extreme emotions (shocker?!), so I wouldn’t say I’m excited, but what wariness I did have about the end of summer has all but dissipated. I’m looking forward to studying medicine and living abroad, settling into a routine (I am a person of schedules. Shocked you again!), and meeting new people. I’m more curious than nervous, more ready than reserved. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism to keep myself calm, but I’m amazed by how “right” this feels.

Let’s see whether I like the present a few todays from today 🙂 Even if not – and I know there will be those days – hopefully this will remind me that, at one point, the future looked pretty good.


P.S. Watch BBJX 

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One thought on “Today, I like the future.

  1. look at you, tagging your posts and whatnot. you blogger you 😛
    I can’t believe you’re already leaving! This will make skyping an interesting time challenge but I am super happy for you that you’re feeling ready to go! Blaze a trail for us to follow over there in Hungary, love! ❤

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