Today, I love you <3

七夕节快乐! Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day! I felt like it was the perfect day to re-watch one of my favorite (as of June 2012) dramas, Bu Bu Jing Xin (translated as “Startling by each step” otherwise known as BBJX by true fans). I think I got Charkie to watch too! And I am certain one day Arkie and Markie will follow along too… but this day has always been a sad day for me. I remember when I was young and I heard Sister Ju Ping (I’ll explain who she is another day – famous chinese lady) told me the story of today. Long ago there was the Cowherder and the Weaving Maiden who met each other, one who was immortal and one who was a normal being (OH YOU MUGGLE), and they fell in love. Of course this caused some uproar when some grandmama of some sorts up in the heavens found out the Weaving Maiden (princess) had married a MUGGLE and had TWO HALF-BLOOD kids! Hehe. Well, they brought the maiden back but the cowherder had a magic cow earlier who granted him magic cow hide and so he used this cow hide to fly up to race after his loved one. The grandmama lady prevented this from happening by shooting the milky way between the two… but the people up somewhere were so touched by their love that they created a bridge across the milky way to allow for the cowherder and the weaving maiden to meet… and so every 7th day of the 7th lunar month is when the 2 meet and that is how we came to celebrate this. I also cried when Sister Juping got to this part… but anyways, happy valentine’s day 🙂 


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