Today, I am home.

I’ve been having one of those days that typifies my love/hate relationship with being in the house I grew up in.  There’s the comfort of a day spent in pajamas, reading novels and eating my mother’s cooking and generally indulging in the life of a bum. Then, there’s the aggravation that parents have a unique way of inflicting on their child(ren). A week from now, I will be far from this home, making what will hopefully become a new one. Can we keep multiples homes at once, or do we spend our lives oscillating between different ones until reaching some resting state?

Many people are concerned with this notion of “home” – what it is, where it ends, and when it morphs. Count me among them!


One thought on “Today, I am home.

  1. “Home” is a very important concept to me too. For my entire adult life, I’ve known that I am very much a “nester.” (Although I’m willing to go anywhere during the day and spend time with anyone, I find that I absolutely need to return to “home” at the end of the day to be by myself in my space that is endlessly comforting, safe, and satisfying. And I think I’m good at making any little place feel like “home” too.)

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